18 Hours: Street Wars

The quote “If you see anyone using a water gun that’s bright yellow, please call the mediation service” refers to a fictional water warfare universe written by The_Narrator back in 2006-2007. In this story, water weaponry known as SYYG is available.  SYYG water weaponry still pushes out water, but using compressed air and is much more capable of teaching tactics, providing better range and kick than current modern water blasters.


“What I’m trying to do here is no less than wake up the nation.” He drew a bright yellow Syyg pistol from an inside-the-waistband holster, aimed it into the crowd. After a second or two, he tilted it up in his hand and examined the side. “This is cool. No doubt about that. It’s a fun way to cool off on a hot day like today. But its powerful enough to teach tactics to those who would use them, and realistic enough to teach responsibility. We’ve already suffered enough under four years of President W’s successor. Nearly saw an “assault weapons ban” go through under his watch. This isn’t a global issue. This isn’t a national issue. This isn’t a states rights issue, or a local issue. The right of every man, woman, and child to be safe from those who would do them harm is an individual right that no one, and I mean NO one can legitimately take away for any reason, and I want to introduce this slowly fading right to anyone who’ll listen. I want to teach shooting to kids, adults, men, women, everyone. I want to show them not only how fun it can be, but how empowering it can be as well.” He snugged the Syyg back into its holster. “Kindergartners. Highschoolers. College kids. Middle-aged yuppies. The elderly. Everyone. I want to shout this to everyone who will listen.”

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