About uSoak

uSoak is a non-profit organization striving to encourage greater and broader interest and excitement about water warfare!  uSoak intends on holding water warfare tournaments in various cities across North America.  As interest grows, we can try to hold competitions in other continents as well, but we are starting locally first.

uSoak’s first tournament is being held in Green Bay, WI.  Click here for more details.


Note: This is a fictional organization / tournament!

Presently, uSoak, the uSoak Water Warfare Tournament, and tournament transcripts are based on a fictional, but reality-based world. While the tournament and story are fictional, the majority of water guns featured in the transcripts are real.  The underlying goal of this website is to provide visitors with a sense of possible tournaments and encounters that can actually be done using the various water blasters that are available (or were available in the recent years).

Information on water blasters and notable equipment featured in this story will be added as they appear to offer a richer experience in the world of uSoak.

We hope you enjoy this view of what can be made possible in the world of water warfare!

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