Samantha Calloway

Date of birth: 12/14/1994
Current city of residence: Los Angeles
Current occupation: Student
Height: 5’10
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Siblings: David James (older), Brett (older)
Nickname/alias(es): Sam

Daughter of a Coast Guard Rescue Diver-turned-nautical-engineer and a substitute teacher, Samantha has seen a good deal of the south and west of America.  By her own admission, she tries not to make close friends, and tries not to get too attached to anything.

Her interests include street racing, mixed-martial arts, rock-climbing, and fashion.  She is currently enrolled in a clothing design major at UCLA .

When asked to describe her, the few of her friends we found via social networking sites were guarded in their descriptions of her.

“An ice queen.  Beautiful but cold as ice.  Actually, cold as death would be a better turn of phrase.”

“She’s a risk taker.  Doesn’t seem to care if she gets hurt.”

“Samantha has an incredible drive.  She wasn’t my best student, because I don’t think she particularly cared for school.  But when she chose to do well, she surpassed everyone else.”

“Yeah, I sparred with Sam in class.  She kicked my butt.  And the teacher’s.  That girl is dangerous.”

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